The following Rules about the Bit Deposit stipulate the manner of accepting deposits, withdraws, payings, and resolving disputes, as well as the specific features. These Rules shall govern any other relations between the Bit Deposit management and the customer. These Rules shall apply to interaction on the website.

  • User can change their 1xBit password but when they change it they must provide the right information to our support team. Otherwise, their withdrawal will reject.
  • User can set security question on their 1xBit account but when they set it they must provide the information to our support team.
  • User cannot use two-factor authentication and Email verification on their 1xbit account. The management reserves the right to ban the betting account that uses this kind of security option.
  • In Bit Deposit, users can verify only one account with a number.
  • Logging in multiple IDs simultaneously on the same phone or app is strictly prohibited by Bit Deposit.


  • User - is an individual transacting money through the website.
  • 1xBit - is a betting site where the user places their bets
  • Deposit - is a financial term that means top-up money in a betting account. A deposit is a transaction involving a transfer of money to the betting site.
  • Withdrawal - A withdrawal involves removing funds from a betting account. In some cases, conditions must be met to withdraw.
  • Status - When the user submitted a request to the system but is not yet completed, called Pending. When a pending request is canceled by the user, that’s called Removed. When the management finds the request made by the person is reasonable & accepts it, called approved. When a pending request is canceled by the management for a logical cause, that’s called Removed.
  • Remark - a logical statement of approving or rejecting a user’s request.
  • Transaction Type - is a field in the system used to represent which gateway the user chooses for the transaction he makes.
  • Transaction Number - is a field in the system used to represent the number in which the money is taken in.
  • TrxID/ Number - means a unique number that is used to track transactions.


  • You can use Taka (৳) only for deposits and withdrawals.
  • All deposit and withdrawal requests are processed 24/7.
  • The Bit Deposit management reserves the right to change the deposit number used by customers when making deposits. Before transferring any funds, the customer must ensure that they are using the number displayed in the deposit window.
  • Customers must only use the numbers displayed in the pop-ups that appear for each payment method when making deposits and withdrawals. Customers must ensure that the selected number matches the method of the platform from which or to which they are transferring funds. If a customer selects the wrong method, he must contact our support team.
  • The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts depend on the payment method chosen by the customer and are determined at the discretion of the management. The current deposit and withdrawal limits can be found in the "Deposit" and "Withdraw" sections. Bit Deposit does not charge any fees for deposits. Bit Deposit charges a minimum of 10 taka fees for any amount of withdrawals.
  • Bit Deposit can refuse any withdrawal should the deposit or withdrawal amounts be inconsistent with bets placed (the Customer must place bets with stakes that add up to the sum of all deposits and the bets must have odds of at least 1.1). Permitted withdrawal amounts shall be calculated based on the amount of the bets placed from any given deposit.
  • Bit Deposit can refuse any withdrawal if the betting account is misused.
  • ATTENTION! Deposit or withdrawal from other holders is strictly prohibited. The management reserves the right to ban the betting account.



The information and data about you that we may collect, use, and process include the following:

  • Information that you provide to us by filling in forms on the Website or any other information you submit to us via the Website.
  • Records of correspondence, whether via the Website, email, WhatsApp, or other means.
  • Details of the transactions you carry out with us, whether via the Website, WhatsApp, or other means.


We may use your personal information and data together with other information for the purposes of

  • processing your deposits and withdrawals
  • setting up, operating, and managing your account
  • complying with our legal and regulatory duties
  • carrying out customer analyses
  • providing you with information about offers and services, where you have consented
  • monitoring transactions for the purposes of preventing fraud, money laundering, and cheating.


We are entitled to share the information we hold on you which includes personal data and history in order to investigate fraud and money laundering.



The information and data about you that we may collect, use, and process include the following:

  • This section provides information about the bonus programs offered by the.
  • The management is entitled to change the terms and conditions of bonuses, to suspend or terminate them at any time.


  • Customers are forbidden from abusing bonus offers. The following bonus-to-deposit ratios are considered to be abuse. In the event of such abuse, the Company has the right to prohibit offending customers from receiving any bonuses and to cancel any winnings obtained using bonus funds both during and after wagering.
  • The management reserves the right to monitor customers’ transaction histories and logs for any reason and at any time. If evidence of bonus abuse on a customer’s part is discovered during verification, the bookmaker has the right to cancel the offending customer’s bonuses.
  • If the management determines that a customer is using deposit strategies of which the management does not approve when wagering a bonus, the management has the right to penalize that customer and exclude them from the current and all subsequent offers.
  • If the management discovers evidence of bonus abuse, it has the right to take the following measures against the offending customer: cancel all current bonuses and bonus winnings, and block the user's account.